Player Created Mythology

This isn’t really a campaign, per se, but a series of one-shot adventures that define the mythology and history of the game world. This process can be very rewarding; the players feel more invested, and the GM gets some fresh ideas and perspectives.

The Premise

Generally it all starts with a race. The GM rolls up some stats for the ‘culture’ and keeps those stats secret while the players invent a stone age culture.

The GM will throw the players some seeds to further refine the culture:

  • A particular animal, location, or astrological event that the culture finds significant or holy.
    *A particular crop or food animal that exists in abundance in the area.
    *’Others’ – Provide the players with another race or culture to be in contention with.
    *Magical ability – In the stone age, magic won’t likely be as widespread. Some cultures may shun magic entirely, while others may favor a particular spellcasting class or school of magic. Keep in mind that divine magic drastically alters the development curve of a culture: a stone age culture that has full access to the Cleric spell list would have a profoundly low mortality rate.
    *Gods – What does the culture worship? Totemic gods, ancestors, or the sun?

Character Creation

This will be somewhat narrow, as there are stone age restrictions to consider. Generally the players will be limited to two or three different classes and only have access to simple, non-mechanical weapons.

These characters should be high level with extremely high stats (36 point buy, or even higher if you want to really juice it up).

The Forge of History